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First things first-- it's Ekow like echo :)

Ekow is the name of our second son, who definitely keeps us on our toes. It means "boy born on Thursday" in the Ghana Ashanti tradition of day naming which we inherited from my husband. You may be more familiar with the name Kofi (which is a bit more popular) and means "boy born on Friday". We have one of those too!

I'm an entrepreneur, wife and mom of two beautiful boys. When I find something that makes me happy, I want to share it with everyone around me.

This skin care line has come to me at a time when I (and probably you too) felt confused and worried about the future. I was looking for something to boost my mood, inspire me and focus positive energy. And so, Ekow Body was born out of necessity and hope.

Ekow Body Natural Skin Care products are made with care and hand poured in small batches. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients chosen specifically for their health and healing properties.

Let nature protect and nourish you.

We are all in this together.

Hugs, Candice