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Ekow Body

Cleansing Toner

Cleansing Toner

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This toner is your "second cleanse" to ensure your face is clean-clean!

Witch hazel is an astringent that has been used to clean and "close" pores for hundreds of years. Sometimes too effective at its job, consider the Ekow Body Toner "Witch Hazel boosted" .

We've added moisturizing hemp oil and antibacterial tea tree oil to give you more with more!

When used topically, hemp (seed) oil has anti-inflammatory properties to combat dry skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and uneven skin tone. It moisturizes without clogging pores and can reduce acne breakouts.


How to use: Use after your favorit facial soap bar and before your Ekow Body serum.

Ingredients: Aloe, witch hazel, tea tree, certified hemp seed oil, essential oils including antioxidant fruits and florals



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