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Lip Polish

Lip Polish

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Soft smooth lips aren't just for kissing. 

Dry cracked lips don't feel good, don't look good and can be painful during extreme weather. 

Make time to exfoliate your lips to remove dry dead skin, increase circulation and smooth the surface of your lips. This helps to prep the surface for your Lip Balm, gloss or lipstick.

Use as a dry cleanse on dry lips, or as part of your shower routine.

Use our hemp lip balm to prepare your lips for your favorite gloss or lipstick and avoid those deep crack lines that are amplified by matte lipstick.

This deeply moisturizing and smoothing lip polish works best when used 2-3 times each week. 

Keep one by your bed and another in your purse for best results.


Raw sugar* , shea butter*, saponified coconut oil*, avocado oil*, plant based gel, aloe*, hemp seed oil*, botanical colors, essential oils*


100% paraben free

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